Christmas: at the beach!




‘’Oh the weather outside is frightful…’’ certainly doesn’t apply to the Pushbiker’s winter. Riding their bikes at 35 degrees.. Christian, Nick and Tom are currently in Down-Under. Every year a selection of riders head towards the land of the Kangaroos and home of the best track riders in the world – and it’s not a secret that the Pushbikers and Australia fancy each other. Read about the trip here.




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Drag race
Only arriving the day before, Christian, Nick and Tom directly had the Melbourne Six Day on the menu. Even though they are seasoned travelers, it still was a tough job since they were competing against numerous former and current World Champions. It was a completely  different ballgame then the familiar Six Day races in Europe, because the short and intense races in combination with big gears was a recipe for a very fast -and sometimes very slow- drag races. The boys sunk their teeth into it and adapted to the way of racing, bringing them into a good position for the final where they rode themselves onto the podium. Third position for Christian & Nick!

A week later the historic event ‘’Austral wheelrace’’ was on the program. After dramatic handicap races with huge crashes (typical Australian bike racing, about which we will talk more in the near future… we „love“ this discipline), it was time for the Australian National Madison Championships. Come halfway, Nick and Christian tried to take a lap, but were left hanging at half a lap for over 40 laps, which finally landed them on a decent 4th place.


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Sprinter Tom or Endurance Pom?
Where the Brits call the Aussies ‘’cons’’ – referring to the heritage of the country where convicts were sent off Down-Under by its motherland England. In turn, Aussies call the Brits ‘’Poms’’, which has got something to do with the red color they adopt when being in the sun for too long ( pomgrenades). Or was it ‘’Prisoners Of the Motherland’’?



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Preparation for January
Winning the Rotterdam Six Day last year, Christian will be looking to retain his title. Also Nick has been on the podium at the Dutch race before, and will be seeking for a similar result. By training on beautiful roads, with beautiful warm weather, this trip is perfect to get the right fitness towards the next couple of Six Days. We are already excited!


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Off to Tassie – may the force be with them!
After resting up a bit and seeing the newest Star Wars movie, all eyes are now focused on Tasmania, where a lot of handicap races are on the program. Finally, we would like to thank everybody (so far) for looking after us and turning us into well-fed cows. Maybe a bit too good, but we leave that for the scale to decide.

Nick & Christian & Tom


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