If you do it with passion, you will not lose

One reason we won’t break out of conventions is fear. Fear of failing, of not being successful, of losing face. But you can only lose face if you’re not true to yourself. And it is one of the greatest successes to understand, that a defeat can teach you even more than a victory.

Granted, victories are the reward for hard work. But they have never been the motivation for what we do: the races, the journeys, the practice and training the young. For us, it has always been about doing what we do with all our hearts. That was true in 2010, when we formed our first team, and it is still true today.


It’s probably not cool to choose an old-fashioned term for bikes as our brand name. It also makes people frown when they learn that we’re doing without a professional license. And why on earth would we specialize on track cycling? The answer is simple: because all of these decisions felt right. They allow us to partake only in those races we really want to compete in. And if you do it with passion, you will not lose.

That’s the message we pass on to our young talents, our Future Stars. If the boys and girls riding under the Maloja Pushbikers flag do so with joy, they will succeed all on their own.

Once you start escaping conventions it’s hard to stop. Why should we fly to London for the six day race if we can take the camper? The things we experience as a team on tour are more valuable than the trophies decorating the cabinet.


The Pushbikers did not set out to do it better than the rest. We wanted to do it differently. Revive the sport. Revolutionize it. Inspire riders to explore new ways rather than stick to the fixed tracks in the arena.

What remains after we cross the finish line is more than just another placement. It is the cheers of the crowd filling the entire hall. The smell of chain fat and lubricant. The sleek clicking of the ball bearings. The sweat streaming down our cheeks. The sparkle in the eyes of the entire team. The entire family.

Maloja Pushbikers ride out of love for the sport, the joy of being successful as a team. We ride to explore the world that bicycle racing has opened up for us.

When we started out with this philosophy in 2010, very few would have thought us capable of winning races in all parts of the world – only six years later and with an international team of riders. Somehow this feels like it’s just the beginning. The Maloja Pushbikers Future Stars are testament to that.